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Join the Unlimited Car Wash Club!

With Newburgh Auto Spa, all you need to do is pay one low monthly fee to enjoy a clean car all month long. Our center in Newburgh, NY offers unlimited subscription accounts for all wash packages. For an affordable monthly fee, you can bring in your vehicle for a car wash every single day or as often as you want.

Once you become a subscriber, you’ll never have to worry about rain, birds, or muddy shoes ruining your car’s gleam. Best of all its free to join and there is no long term commitment!

Club Options

Get our Ultimate Plan for less than $2.00 a day!



Monthly Price
(Per Car)*

Daily Price

Exterior Service

Unlimited Exterior Washes



Full Service

Unlimited Full Service Washes



The Deluxe

Unlimited Deluxe Washes



The Works

Unlimited Works Washes



The Ultimate

Unlimited Ultimate Washes



Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a subscription plan? Isn’t that only for Netflix and a Gym Membership?
We believe that our customers deserve a clean car all the time – not just on the day it gets washed. However, rain, bird droppings, or a trip with the kids in tow can turn a freshly cleaned car into a dirty one.

With our subscription plans, our customers don’t have to worry about choosing the best day to get a car wash. Just pay once per month, and you can come back anytime you want.

What do you mean by “unlimited”?
We mean exactly that. Limit one wash per day.

How will I be charged?
Your credit card will be billed at the beginning of the month depending on the plan details plus tax. Any other purchases, such as air fresheners, sodas, or washes outside your plan, will be paid for separately the moment the item or service is received.

What if I want a wash not covered by the plan I’ve chosen? For example, what if my plan is The Deluxe and I want The Ultimate wash for this particular day?
All you need to do is pay the difference between the 2 packages. For example if one day you want an Ultimate wash and you have a Full Service monthly plan you would just pay $8.88 that one day, which is the difference between an unlimited and a full service wash.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Just submit to us in writing at the counter or in an email that you would like to cancel your plan. No refunds for mid-month cancellations.

Bask in your elite status and enjoy distinct privileges by being a member of our exclusive Unlimited Car Wash Club. Call us at 845-567-0009 if you have further inquiries.

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  • Military Discounts
  • Ladies and Seniors Discounts
  • Free Birthday Wash and More

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